New Normal?

To interrupt a habit is to make it visible. – Charles Eisenstein, (2020, March) Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus, commentators across all political spectrums are observing the need to change our behaviour and our current systems. It has become clear that centralised systems now don’t work. It has also shown how we are […]

Cultural probes as discursive objects


Making as a design practice is a successful way of engaging participants in dialogue about specific topics. I have developed a workshop based around ‘reciprocity’ (between humans and non-human worlds) as a specific concept within commons/-ing. Participants are given clear instructions for making a kaleidoscope from materials provided. They are asked to collect small items […]

Design as Future Making

Text entanglement

Historically design has pushed humans further from nature and seen nature as utilitarian. As Tham states, design has been the instrument that distinguishes humans from nature.1 Today, designers are working on design with nature practices that help ‘people develop a sense of treasuring nature’.2 More importantly designers should be working collaboratively with other disciplines and […]