The importance of place to the things we use.

Claudine in the film

The film Dear Object aims to present the importance of place (and its identity) in relation to the things we use, and share in the joy and distinctive nature of local things in the lives of four local people in

As globalism and localism are inextricably linked the film hints that local choices within the local economy could help make the planet more

Who features?

Local people who actively participate in the community were asked to perform a love letter to their favourite local objects. It was important to present diversity as part of the local makeup of the town – hence not selecting people just of Hastings descent.

Alison Cooper chose a secondhand chair that she bought in a local house clearance and had it repaired by a local cane furniture worker.

John Cole chose a footstool made by a local business, Harbor Designs.

Claudine Eccleston chose a painting by recently deceased, Danny Pockets, a locally based artist. The painting depicts Chinese Town in London Road, St Leonards, a favourite eatery amongst many locals.

Sinéid Codd chose a refurbished secondhand bicycle recently purchased from High Tides Cycles at Marina Court, St Leonards.

The key message is the value and eco-consciousness of locally procured objects, the hidden narrative of these objects and the social network they are a part of.